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General Contact Information

Scouting For Food Email:     PTAC.ScoutingForFood@scouting.org

PTAC Phone Number:     (312) 421-8800

  • Council Team
  • District Coordinator
  • Coordinator Duties
  • 2022 Timeline
  • Staff Advisor

Chair, David Leahy - dpleahy62@gmail.com

Vice-Chair, Bill Howard - fandb90@att.net

Cartographer, Matt Gerber - matthewryangerber@gmail.com


Council Committee

Frank Fodero - eagle197@aol.com

Robert Gale - rgale93@gmail.com

Sean Gertsch - srg1985@gmail.com

Aguila- Open

Calumet- Juanita Robinson                                       sochdr@aol.com

Checagau- Michael Griffard                                    Michael.griffard@gmail.com

Five Creeks- Tim Meinholz                                          wheelingplumbing@hotmail.com

Iron Horse- Jennifer Gorz                                     egorz@sbcglobal.net

Portage Creek- Chris Hamilton and Maria Chiappetta        stuham@gmail.com and mchiap99@yahoo.com

Prairie Dunes- Gisela Thielbar                                    gjthielbar@gmail.com

Tall Grass- Bob Johnson and Kevin Krause              bobjohnson7807@gmail.com and kevin_krause@sbcglobal.net

Thunderbird- Lisa Downs                                            queenmamalisa@sbcglobal.net

Trailblazer- Open

TriStar- Wayne Gulliford and Cindy Kunzer            w.gulliford@att.net and ckunzer@aol.com

Scouting For Food (SFF) Unit Coordinator:

  • Sign up for Scouting for Food 2022 BEFORE February 1, 2022 here: https://forms.gle/MC34TEqZrebhpBJ8A
  • Work with the SFF District Coordinator to determine unit canvassing area
    • Work with the Scouts to determine and communicate each individual Scout’s canvassing area
  • Count out or estimate how many doorhangers your unit will need and communicate that to your SFF District Coordinator
  • Pick up SFF Materials at March Roundtable
    • Distribute materials to Scouts
  • Actively lead your unit on Saturday, April 2nd, and on Saturday, April 9th, 2022.
  • Be sure that the entire territory is covered. Ensure that Scouts will deliver a doorhanger/flyer to all households in assigned territory on Saturday, April 2nd.
  • Arrange for collection of filled bags from households in the same assigned territory on Saturday, April 9th.

Tip:      Assign Scouts to collect bags from the same area in which they delivered them.  This will help cut down on missed bags. Take the food collected to the designated food pantries throughout PTAC. This must be done by 4:00PM on Saturday April 9th.



Scouting For Food (SFF) District Coordinator:

  • Locate 1-2 possible drop sites for the district—look for places that are densely populated with participating units.
  • Attend the monthly council Scouting for Food committee meetings made up of each district coordinator, the SFF Chair, the council cartographer, the staff advisors, and more.
  • Work with each unit to determine the canvassing area, ensuring there are no overlapping canvassing areas.
  • Communicate with the staff advisors the amount of doorhangers each unit in your district will need.
  • Communicate with the council cartographer each unit’s canvassing area to get it added to the council SFF map.
  • Help put together SFF Unit Kits for the units participating within your district.
  • Be a resource to the participating units in the district about material collection dates/times, drop off dates/times, announcements from the council SFF committee, etc.


Any questions? Email PTAC.ScoutingForFood@scouting.org. Thanks!

September 2021 

  • 15th Committee meeting
  • Apply for grants/ begin corporate engagement plan
  • Budget, position descriptions


October 2021    

  • 20th Committee meeting
  • Save the Date Announced 10/13 or 10/23


November 2021   

  • 17th Committee meeting
  • Announce Sponsorships & Donor Levels
  • Start to confirm Drop off locations


December 2021  

  • 15th Committee meeting
  • Order Bags (if applicable)
  • Finalize Unit Guides- Print before February Roundtables
  • Confirm drop off locations to add to Unit Guidebooks


January 2022 

  • 19th Committee meeting
  • Unit Guide Brochure Released
  • Unit Commitments begin (due Feb 12?)
  • Matt to work on District Maps/ Unit territories based on recharter info
  • Lock in all sponsorship for printing lead time in February


February 2022   

  • 16th Committee meeting
  • Unit Collection Maps Assigned
  • If necessary, hold zoom call with Unit leaders to answer questions and explain how to
  • hold a kick-off
  • Printing orders begin
  • Order Ribbons and Patches (early March)


March 2022

  • 2nd Committee meeting
  • Distribute Hang Tags and Bags - At Roundtable?
  • Social Media Push
  • Create press release (two weeks before event)
  • 23rd Committee meeting


April 2022  

  • 2nd Flyer / Bag Distribution
  • 6th Committee meeting
  • 9th Food Pickup


May 2022

  • 25th Committee Meeting
  • Debrief
  • Distribute Recognition to Units for their May/June Roundtables
  • Evaluate program
  • Survey Units on SFF Experience

Alexis Marcotte - 312-421-8800 ext. 278 or alexis.marcotte@scouting.org