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Aguila District

The Aguila District conducts a unique BSA program as it incorporates Scouting by leveraging soccer. It offers our families and youth the opportunity to gain teamworking skills and good sportsmanship by leveraging Scouting’s fundamentals.

Concentrated in the northwest suburbs of the Chicago area, the program is a magnet for multi-cultural families that have a passion for soccer. The program is year-round, units meet twice a week to practice soccer skills and learn about Scouting. Scouts experience the joy of camping and giving service to their communities while keeping their competitive flame on the field every weekend.

Whether a young person is displaying their civic pride at a parade or practicing being a gracious winner, the Scout Oath and Law are at the core of raising the next generation of young people with character in the Aguila District’s Soccer in Scouting program.

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District Key 3

Ignacio Ixtepan

Program Chair

Anthony Valle

District Commisioner

Nancy Ithier

Sr. District Executive, Aguila


Second Tuesday of the month at 6:00 pm at the Arlington Height Service Center located at 617 E. Golf Rd., Ste 101, Arlington Heights, IL 60005.

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