Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Online Recruitment

BeAScout Pin, Invitation & Application Manager Training

Invitation Manager

Invitation Manager is your leads resource tool. This is where any inquiries from BeAScout will come in and await your response. You can also add leads manually during joining events or from names provided by unit members and send invitations to join that include a link to your unit’s application. There is also a URL and QR code specific to your unit that can be downloaded from this tool to use in your unit’s recruitment efforts.

Application Manager

Application Manager is the place where you review and take action on applications that are submitted by families. Most families expect a response within 24 hours of submitting an application.

BeAScout Pin

Step 1

Review and update (or create) your my.Scouting profile.

Step 2

Review the council configurations for BeAScout. This training covers the basic settings Councils can set for pins in BeAScout.  The training also covers how to access and download the Unit Pin Report which show which units have active and inactive pins.

Step 3

Reviewing and Changing Unit BeAScout Pin Settings. This training shows you how to access and change unit BeAScout pin settings as well as providing a brief overview of what each setting allows a unit to do.

Unit Membership Tools

New Unit

Membership Applications

Membership Training