Checaugau District

Expanded and renamed since 2020; effective with Council Annual Meeting in March 2021.

Boundaries include Roosevelt Ave. to the South, the Loop out to Harlem Ave to the West, up to Evanston to the North, the Lakefront to the River, plus additional sip codes to the Northwest. 29 zip codes in total.

52 registered unties: (2) Sea Scout Ships; (1) Venture Crew; (29) Scouts BSA Troop including 4 girl units; (20) Packs including 10 family packs!

1,034 youth: 531 Cub Scouts, 467 Scouts BSA, 36 Venturing

300 adult volunteers

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District Executive
David Tafur

District Chair
Ed McHugh

District Commissioner
Jamie Goodwin

Advancement Chair
Heath Winborn

Eagle Scouts Coordinator
Allan Morby

Scouts BSA Roundtable Commissioner
James Larson

Finance Chair
Patty Rios

Program/Activities Chair
Michael Griffard

Marketing and Communications Chair
Dave Ducat

Newsletter Editor and Publisher
Diane Gedroc

OA Chapter Advisor
Brian Hosking

Camporee Committee Chair
Max Zelenka

District Popcorn Kernel
Rob Munds

Scouts BSA Training Coordinator
Brian Hosking

District Key 3

Ed McHugh

District Chair

Jamie Goodwin

District Commisioner

David Tafur

Urban Emphasis Director, Chicagaoua


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