Friends of Scouting

Friends of Scouting is an opportunity for families, alumni, businesses and community groups to support Scouting. Your investment will help ensure every child we serve receives the lifelong benefit Scouting provides. A solid investment plan is about growth, and an investment in a child’s future is guaranteed to grow.

We took the last five years average of gifts and the number of gifts received per District. We then used total youth membership to calculate participation. So the five year average is $467,848 raised; total average youth members is 21,033 Scouts; 5,723 families made a gift for an average of only 28% participation with an average gift of $84. Our goal is a meager 6% increase in participation and the average gift size goal actually came out to $82. Even with a $2 less avg. gift size, the 6% increase in participation will bet an increase of $71,000! This was used per District then tabulated for the overall Council goal.

Family participation is the key; just imagine when we get to a time when more than 50% of our families invest in our mission.

The way we increase participation is making sure everyone is reached. Please make sure every unit has a presentation scheduled. Post-presentation follow up will be an important piece to this year’s campaign. Whether it is you the presenter or leader from the Unit, allowing each family the opportunity to invest in their children and the PTAC mission is vital.

We will soon have District FOS campaign web pages set up that the unit can then have their own page under it. It is here where they can send the links to parents, family and friends where they can see the impact we are having on the community and there they can make a donation. As soon as it goes live we will send you the links.

Training PowerPoint

Helpful hints

Presenters report

2016 FOS Timeline

Calumet Community
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Chicago Area Community
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Des Plaines Valley Community
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Northwest Suburban Community
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The companies listed below will match donations their employees make to the Boy Scouts of America, allowing your gift to have twice the impact!

ADP, Inc.
Allied Corp.
Altria Group, Inc.
American Brands, Inc.
American Express
American Gasket & Rubber Co.
American National Bank & Trust Co. of Chicago
Arthur D. Raybin Assoc., Inc.
Astellas Pharma
Atlantic Richfield
Avon Products
B.F. Goodrich Co.
Bank of America
Barber-Coleman Co.
Barnes & Roche, Inc.
Boeing North America
BP Amoco
Burlington Northern
Burroughs Wellcome Co.
Campbell Soup Co.
CAN Insurance
CDW Corporation
Chicago Tribune Foundation
Cigna Corp.
Citicorp & Citibank
Colgate-Palmolive Co.
Corning Glass Works
Corn Products International
CPC International Corp.
Discover Financial Services
Eaton Vance Mgnt., Inc.
Ethicon, Inc.
First Bank System, Inc.
FMC Corp.
Fort Dearborn Paper Co.
Fortune Brands
Gannett Inc.
Gary Williams Oil Product/The Piton Fdn.
GATX Corporation
General Electric
Gilman Paper Co.
Grainger, Inc. (3:1)
Gulf Western Industries, Inc.
H.J. Heinz Co. Fdn.
Haggerty Consulting
Henry Crown & Co.
Hewitt Associates, LLC
Hoffman-LaRoche, Inc.
HSBC-North America, Inc.
Illinois Tool Works, Inc. (3:1)
ING Equitable Life
Investors Diversified Svcs., Inc.
John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Fdn.
John Hancock Mutual Life Ins. Co.
Johnson & Higgins
Johnson & Johnson
Jones Lang LaSalle
Kids R Us
Kimberly-Clark Corp.
Kirkland & Ellis
Kraft Foods, Inc.
Leo Burnett Co., Inc.
Lever Bros. Co.
Life Iris Assn.
MacLean-Fogg Company
Mail Communications, Inc.
Mallinkrodt Veterinary
Mass Mutual
McDonald's Corp.
McGraw Edison
Merck & Co., Inc.
Merit Oil Corp
Midwest Industrial Packaging, Inc.
Mission Viejo
MONY Financial Services
Motorola Mobility, Inc.
Motorola Solutions
Murphy Oil U.S.A., Inc.
National Health & Welfare Mutual Life Ins. Assn.
Navistar Foundation
Owen-Illinois, Inc.
Pactiv Corporation
Penn Central Corp.
Pennzoil (Shell)
Penwalt Corp. & Subsidiaries
Pepsico Inc.
Petro Lewis Corp.
Pfizer, Inc.
Phelps Dodge Fdn.
Pitney Bowes, Inc.
Pittway Corp.
Pizza Hut
PPG Industries, Inc.
PQ Corp.
Quaker Oats
Quantum Chemical Corp.
Ralston Purina Co.
Reader's Digest Fdn.
Rexnord, Inc. & Subsidiary Bellofram, Inc.
Rolscreen Co.
Ross, Johnston & Herstring, Inc.
Rust-Oleum Corporation
RYCO Div., Reilly-Whiteman, Inc.
Safeco Insurance Co.
Sandoz Corp. Protection
Sara Lee Corp.
Schering-Plough Corp.
Seagram & Sons, Inc.
Shakelee Corp.
Sony Corp.
Southwest Forest Industries
Squibb Corp.
State Farm and Companies
Subaru of America
Sunstrand Corp. Fdn.
Sun Co., Inc.
Superior Coffee Co.
Sybron Corp.
Symons Corp.
Takeda Pharmaceuticals
Tenneco Packaging
Textron, Inc.
The Children's Place
The Gillette Co.
The Home Depot
The Northern Trust Co.
The Rockefeller Group
The Signal Companies, Inc.
Transamerica Corp.
Traveler's Insurance
Tribune Broadcasting
U.S. Cellular
U.S. Fidelity & Guarantee Co.
U.S.G. Co.
Union Pacific Corp.
UOP Inc.
Vulcan Materials Co.
W.M. Wrigley Jr. Company Foundation
W.W.Gringer, Inc.

Thrivent Choice


Thank you to our
2015 Donors
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Century Donors $100

Aaron Melnick
Ace Hardware #152
Adam Pilarski
Adp Foundation, Inc.
Ahlgrim & Sons Funeral and Cremation Services, LTD
Akila Kannan
Akin Omotosho
Alan Litwiller
Alan Gerling
Alan Czarnik
Alexander Lohse
Alfred Cook
Alicia Gaeta
Alison Goodridge
Allan & Lorie Bartel
Allen Groner
Amanda Trinidad
Amazon Smile Foundation
Amie D'Antonio
Amir Zohar
Amy Rife
Amy Sanderson
Amy Cowles
Anand Bhatt
Andreas Taylor
Andrew Antolak
Andrew Bertocchini
Andrew Horn
Andrew Weberg
Andrew Calhoun
Andrew Gebhardt
Andrew Michael
Andrew Green
Andrew Knapp
Andrew Ziarnik
Andy Williams
Angela Balcerak
Anna Cumberland
Anna Schreiber
Anne Berg
Anne Romani
Annette Brazill
Annette Quick
Annette Henry
Anthony Bezouska
Anthony Griffin
Anthony Riccio
Anthony Gustafson
Anthony Hull
Anthony Skiroock
Arturo Garcia
Arturo Barin
Asha Leonhardt
Audrey Lavecchia
Austin Parker
Bank of America Foundation
Barb Long
Barbara Abarro
Barbara Gault
Barbara Nowakowski
Barbara Antonoff
Barbara Rubenstein
Barrington Lodge 522
Barry Carlson
Barry L. Stoughton
The Baxter International Foundation
Becky Manfre
Belt Railway Co. of Chicago
Ben Ko
Ben Bainter
Benjamin Guzman
Benjamin Munez
Bennett N-Izeh
Bernadette Sanner
Beth Folkman
Beth Spicknall
Beth Oosthuizen
Bill Colacicco
Bill Tompkins
BNSF Railway Foundation
Bonifacio Rodrigo
Bradley Bellew
Brendan Ginn
Brett Stanwyck
Brian Carroll
Brian Twohey
Brian Waddick
Brian Wright
Brian Schutz
Brian Parilla
Brian Przybylski
Brian Skeen
Brian Vlk
Brian Bird
Brian Langenberg
Brian Iehl
Brian Yarger
Brian Tolliver
Bridget Kaempfer
Bruce Leep
Bryan Nieciak
Bryan Tilly
Bryan Tomky
Caesar Dimacali
Caloway Gavin
Candi Loomis
Carina Sanchez
Carl Zielinski
Carl Laub
Carla Rydberg
Carlos Perez
Carmen Colon
Carmen Rodriguez
Carol Crenshaw
Carol Bean
Carrie Lawry
Casimir Niedos
Casmier Grabowski
Catherine Weems
Cathleen Stadt
Cathlynn Peters
Charles Howes
Charles Udell
Charles Childs
Charles Barr
Charles Rummel
Charles Kellogg
Charles Snyder
Charles Bair
Charles Holup
Charles Jesberg
Charlotte Abernethy
Cherie Lodl
Cheryl Gesior
Cheryle Wall
Chris Peckham
Chris Mercede
Chris Murray
Chris Rohn
Chris Meister
Chris Maret
Chris Depau
Christa Svienty
Christie Hester
Christine Petrykiw
Christine Messerschmidt
Christopher Vanallman
Christopher O Meara
Christopher Walsh
Christopher Jacobson
Christopher King
Christopher Sanchez
Christopher Johnson
Christopher Stennett
Christopher Wadley
Christopher Botwinski
Christopher Geraghty
Chuck Ulie
Chuck Cercone
Chuhak & Tecson
Cindy Kunzer
Claudine Ruzga
Clifford Althoff
Coleen Benzo
Colin Lane
Colin Alesse
Colleen McNulty
Colleen Thomas
Connie Glasgow
Conrad Pritscher
Corbin Coombs
Corrinne Hamilton
Cosme Herrera
Crescencio Rodriguez
Cub Scout Pack 51
Cuong Nguyen
Curtis Warner
Cynthia Ginsburg
D Shawn Straney
Dale Moyer
Dale Walder
Damon Skyta
Dan Olson
Dan Korpolinski
Dana Jaramillo
Daniel Cotter
Daniel Deditz
Daniel Gray
Daniel Spencer
Daniel Bay
Daniel DiCola
Daniel Strebar
Daniel Busby
Danielle Tobin
Danielle Lyth
Darcy Dewolfe
Darlene Madura-Zieman
Darlene Kozlick
David Keeler
David Laurent
David Anderson
David Grayson
David Kurowski
David Skwarek
David Steuart
David Wasz
David Mortimer
David Leahy
David Van Vooren
David Mikkola
David Yudt
David Zapata
David Bryner
David Goldwater
David Landeweer
David Macina
David Myers
David Nelson
David Geist
David Cambria
David DeBauche
David Ferriss
David Johnson
David Lair
David Mueller
David Szarzynski
David and Cynthia House
David and Suzanne Augustyn
Dean Hoppesch
Debbie Bishop
Deborah Majors
Debra Walker
Debra Zara
Declan Russell
Denise Dalton
Denise Nobles
Dennis Brown
Dennis Esguerra
Dennis Tischler
Dennis McCann
Dennis Wang
Derek Driggers
Derrick Stephens
Diane Talentowski
Diane Saber
Diane Hay
Diedre Dunn
Dina Ross
Dino Sanchez
Discover Financial
Dolores Nobles-Knight
Dominic Gualtieri
Don Cox
Donald Kritenbrink
Donna Cooper
Donna Wilson
Donna Woods
Donnie Cantrall
Dorene Lehmann
Do-Rite Die & Engineering
Dorothy Kozlowski
Doug Tran
Douglas Murphy
Douglas Hoover
Dwight Thomas
Dzidra Malinski
Ed Hilquist
Edward Coyne
Edward Frank
Edward Mack
Edward Ward
Edward Hartman
Edward Moy
Eileen Milkovich
Eileen O'Grady
Elia Disavino
Elise Hauger
Elizabeth Wojcik
Elizabeth Lopez
Elizabeth Summy
Elizabeth Kaufmann
Elizabeth Martin
Elizabeth Broemmelsiek
Elizabeth Crandall
Elizabeth Kramer
Elizabeth Toth
Elizabeth Ma
Elizabeth Ford
Elmer Haneberg
Eloise Cashman
Eloy Corral
Eloy Maldonado
Emmanuel Brillakis
Eoin Flannery
Eric Bjork
Eric Okeefe
Eric Diehl
Eric Beer
Eric Nowiszewski
Eric Swanson
Eric Bohman
Erik Tuftedal
Erika Carr
Ernest Blankenship
Ervey Henderson
Esther Collado-Baker
Eunyoung Hur
Fabio Van Roon
Farhaan Hassan
Fariha Dipasquale
Fidelity Charitable Foundation
Fiona Burke
Francis Pendergast
Francis Hannon
Frank Tran
Frank Rossi
Frank Perino
Frank Biank
Fred Beckman
Friends of Mike Zalewski
G Hugh Bartholomees
Gabriel Norrick
Garnett Rhoades
Garret Haider
Gary Kozak
Gary Gilbert
GE United Way Campaign
Genette Resto
Geoff Pender
George Yanos
George Matsuno
Gerald Tyschper
Gerard Dupczak
Gerard Marino
Gerry Noe
Gina Meadows
Gina Vera
Glen Reno
Glenn Davis
Glenn Wentink
Glenn Thompson
Greg Lay
Gregorio Jimenez
Gregory Klimczak
Gregory Elisha
Gregory Sandman
Gregory Hirsch
Gregory Kaplan
Gretchen James-Halter
Guadalupe Quintanilla
Gustavo Ruiz
Guy Seydel
Hands on Family Health
Harold Shaw
Harriett Kelley
Heather Bakker
Heather Simpson
Heidi Hampton
Heidi Stephensen
Heidi Graham
Henry Kowalski
Henry Crown And Company
Herb Savage
Herbert Koch
Hi-Tech Fastener Corp
Honorata Kosinski
Howard Hohnsen
HSBC Philanthropic Programs
Ian Anderson
Ignacio Cuevas
Irene Ireland
Ivo Kloucek
Jack Fitzpatrick
Jakub Jasinski
James Biasi
James Daigle
James Golec
James Griesenauer
James Kramer
James Mullaney
James Chaplin
James Grahovac
James Mihalo
James Nalepa
James Paulson
James McMahon
James Potsch
James Korenchan
James Rodi
James Tischke
James Martinson
James Bragg
James Butcher
James Hopper
James Kohler
James McGonigal
James Van Vlymen
James Winicky
James Buckman
James Gillespie
James Greene
James Garwood
James Loeppert
James Origer
Jamie Goodwin
Jamie Arvizu
Janice Spitz
Jason Oldham
Jason Boersma
Jason Joy
Jason Lovelace
Jason Burrows
Jason Daihl
Jason Akai
Jason Centanni
Jay Giannerini
Jay McNichols
Jean Gayton
Jeanette Antico
Jeanette Gonzaga
Jeanine Beaver
Jeannine Skala
Jeff Pasala
Jeff Spitzer
Jeff Waterman
Jeff Harris
Jeffrey Allen
Jeffrey Hesse
Jeffrey Wilson
Jeffrey Pape
Jeffrey Teal
Jeffrey Brandon
Jeffrey Pape
Jennifer Rohrbacher
Jennifer Benigno
Jennifer Janis
Jennifer Lorenzini
Jennifer Soloway
Jennifer Greenwell
Jenny Poremba
Jens Kort
Jeremiah Landry
Jeremy Rogers
Jerome Brown
Jerrold Johnson
Jerrold Anderson
Jerry Lis
Jerry Bauer
Jessica Venegas
Jesus Barrios
Jill Wagner
Jill Haim
Jim Michalik
Jim Flynn
Jim Scanlan
Joanne Terrill
Jody Lin
Joe Armagno
Joel Byron
Joellen Walma
Johana Marquez
John Conway
John Cvikota
John Fix
John Lohr
John Lothian
John Pelrine
John Brannigan
John Liebert
John Grummitt
John Henek
John Nolan
John Paulius
John Roeger
John Kohls
John Pieranunzi
John Corbett
John Hicaro
John Edinger
John Braun
John Cruz
John Dodge
John Evans
John Krupowicz
John Shoemaker
John Rea
John Sikora
John Beebe
John Gallagher
John Gilbert
John Gribbon
John Heil
John Johannesen
John Mahowald
John Redding
John Rippinger
John Seaman
John Mielecki
John Walker
John Campbell
John Caswell
John Franczyk
John Hayes
John and Karen Longo
Jon Steckelberg
Jonathan Summers
Jonathan Froemel
Jorge Garcia
Jorge Baeza
Jose Rios
Joseph Gorz
Joseph Poelsterl
Joseph Van Cura
Joseph Borgmann
Joseph Craig
Joseph Jura
Joseph Mills
Joseph Chiko
Joseph Civantos
Joseph Schager
Joseph Alfano
Joseph Adams
Joseph Mirabella
Joseph Schluep
Joshua Yount
Joshua Alters
Joy Palomo-Clark
Joyce Yeagle
Juan Martinez
Juan Rosas
Judy Hicks
Julian Carrillo
Julie Mc Cullough
Julie Schuljak
Julie Rosenwinkel
Julie Burnett
Julie Turrel
June Tellez
Justin Bittner
Justin Embree
Jyothi Janardanan
Karen Buncich
Karen Turner
Karen Darch
Karen Nolan
Karen Brierly
Karl Schmitt
Kate Jacobs
Katherine Bialecki
Katherine Maurer
Kathleen Petsche
Kathleen Varner
Kathleen Miller
Kathleen Bernstein
Kathleen Rodriguez
Kathleen Steibel
Kathleen Cassady
Kathryn Jurgeto
Kathy Frantzen
Kathy Behary
Kathy Jo Bradley
Kay Meegan
Keenan Baker
Keith McGee
Keith Miller
Keith Wolak
Keith Merrill
Keith Kasregis
Kelli Jania
Kelly Heligas
Kelly Jackson
Kelly Moore
Kelly Eidson
Kendrick Boardman
Kenneth Komaniecki
Kenneth Oliven
Kenneth Yeo
Kenneth Casner
Kenneth Abels
Kenneth Logan
Kenneth Gedgaud
Kent Jarnecke
Kent Adams
Kevin Bergmann
Kevin Egan
Kevin Bacci
Kevin Borg
Kevin Dahill
Kevin Judge
Kevin O'Shea
Kevin Reidel
Kevin Thompson
Kevin Busse
Kevin Patricelli
Kevin Buschmann
Kevin Dowell
Keyan Mikaili
Kim Miceli
Kimberley Haywood
Kimberly Connolly
Kimberly Mulvaney
Kimberly Richmond
Kimberly Geyer
Kirken Babagian
Korie Sondgeroth
Kraft Foods Group Foundation
Kristen Grider
Kristopher Baker
Kurt Rathslag
Kurt Rathslag
Kurt Schafer
L Timothy Mellin
La Tonya Ford
Lance Nogle
Lance Nogle
Larry Lee
Latricia Fernandez
Latricia Fernandez
Laura Vaineo
Laura Wutzke
Laura Hois
Laura Drewno
Laura Robertson
Laura Schmidt
Laura Chase
Laura Coirier
Laura Denver
Laura Wiertel
Laurene McMahon
Laurinda Burke
Law Offices of Barrett Pedersen
Lawrence Caldwell
Lawrence Cybulski
Lawrence Dittoe
Lawrence Johnson
Lee Sherry
Leesa Comito
Leo Dombrowski
Leo Miller
Leslie Norwine
Lidia Felix
Lillian Federmeyer
Lincoln Wright
Linda Burk
Linda Mc Mahon
Lisa Kaczynski
Lisa Thormodsgard
Lisa Mullally
Lisa Grogman
Lisa Oswald
Liwei Zhang
Lloyd Unger
Lori Dempsey
Lori Strobbe
Lorraine Hahn
Lorrie Rossi
Louie Christodoulopoulos
Louis Matich
Lukas Saulis
Lydia Bravo
Lydia Holsteen
Lynne Wuchter
Lynnette Dippon
Maggie Andress
Manhar Mehta
Marc Crenshaw
Marc Laguardia
Marc Mattson
Marc Barnes
Marcelita Hernandez
Marcie Ferguson
Marcus Cosentino
Margaret Daley
Margaret Beutel
Margaret Gulledge
Maria Cabrera
Maria Tambellini
Marilyn Mendro
Mark Hoffman
Mark Krewatch
Mark Hroncich
Mark Wittkamper
Mark Borst
Mark Butler
Mark Culver
Mark Fasick
Mark Haasser
Mark Pflanz
Mark Seplowin
Mark Thuer
Martin Quinn
Martin Kaminski
Martin Bauer
Mary Dring
Mary Garza
Mary Mahler
Mary Kuntaras
Mary Dennee
Mary Mathias
Mary Eidson
Mary Jo Crandall
Mary Rose Wiertel
Matt Scavo
Matthew Tobias
Matthew Kelly
Matthew Ashcraft
Matthew Frymire
Matthew Larsen
Matthew Maj
Matthew Russell
Matthew Faughn
Matthew Lopinski
Maureen Moran
Maureen Kalas
Maureen Dring
Maureen Potempa
McGaffer's Inc.
Megan Parkes
Sean and Megan Burke
Melanie Querubin-Atonson
Melissa Marzano
Melissa Schaefer
Melvin Reynolds
Merck Partnership for Giving
Michael Filbin
Michael Mulkerin
Michael Roth
Michael Bornhorst
Michael Weiland
Michael Wilda
Michael Wychocki
Michael Meeker
Michael Smith
Michael Villwock
Michael Voigt
Michael Edleson
Michael Lopez
Michael Marro
Michael Mueller
Michael Flores
Michael Hovsepian
Michael Kovacs
Michael Fernandes
Michael Jones
Michael Larson
Michael McDonnell
Michael Gaughan
Michael Dohm
Michael Ihnen
Michael Peterson
Michael Peyser
Michael Smigiel
Michael Smith
Michael Kleppinger
Michael Anderson
Michael Hurt
Michelle Swanson
Michelle Derochowski
Michelle Lewis
Mike Hensel
Mirian Rodriguez
Motorola Solutions
Nancy Huth
Nancy Gorski
Nanette Metz
Nathan Judas
Nathanael Harris
Neal Silbert
Neil Doruff
Neil Reay
Neil Fern
Nelita Larance
Nelson Carter
Network for Good
Nicole O'Donnell
Nina Ponomarenko
Noal Staubus
Noel Keane
Norma Ahlstrand
Norman McFarland
Nuveen Investments, Inc.
Olivia Patch-Stevenson
Pablo Martinez
Pack 3665 Chicago Ridge
Pack 3729
Pack 518
Paige Maier
Palacky Lodge #630
Pamela Binion
Pamela Groves
Pamela Lundstedt
Parris George
Patricia Nedved
Patricia Luna
Patricia Cavalle-Jones
Patricia Inman
Patricia Finnegan
Patricio Martinez
Patrick Denison
Patrick Hanafin
Patrick Hogan
Patrick Zintak
Patrick Conlon
Patrick Walter
Patrick Maher
Patrick Rubien
Patrick Demore
Patrick Johnson
Patrick Doyle
Patrick Hoffmann
Patrick and Ami Martin
Paul Giamarusti
Paul Connolly
Paul Eident
Paul Flach
Paul McLaughlin
Paul Griffith
Paul Kolarczyk
Paul Haisman
Paul Norkus
Paul Kirk
Payam Zarei
Penny DeJohn
Penny Suppes
PepsiCo Foundation
Peter Murphy
Peter Beale-Delvecchio
Peter Illing
Peter Miller
Peter Everett
Peter Schoonmaker
Phil Cichon
Phillip Losavio
Phyllis Babbs
Prabhu Shiva
Prashant Singri
Priti Shah
Rachel Sierra
Raghad Adeis Dahhan
Rainu Pierce
Ralph Lutz
Ralph Bailey
Ramona Brorson
Randl Abraham
Ranjit Soodan
Raymond Peters
Raymond Frye
Raymond Fumi
Rebecca Hubbard
Rebecca Livergood
Richard Lewis
Richard Scruggs
Richard Skweres
Richard Greenwald
Richard Rafanelli
Richard Tresselt
Richard Zak
Richard Busch
Richard Ralph
Richard Evans
Richard Cruz
Richard Loudermilk
Richard Breeden
Richard Elkin
Richard Witt
Richard Menninga
Richard Romani
Rise Sanders-Weir
River Grove National A.C.
Rob Raden
Robert Bartlett
Robert Fry
Robert Gregg
Robert Munds
Robert Narowski
Robert Waddick
Robert Callan
Robert Johnson
Robert Niesen
Robert Rada
Robert Stelletello
Robert Schoenthaler
Robert Cashman
Robert Meyers
Robert Pastore
Robert Gonsiorowski
Robert Vendl
Robert Cantwell
Robert Ewart
Robert Fehling
Robert Lithgow
Robert Neff
Robert Nelson
Robert Crocker
Robert Lithgow
Roberto Diaz
Robin Seelhammer
Robin Meade
Roger Finley
Roger Blank
Ron Hock
Ron Rysztogi
Ron Mitra
Ron Rehberg
Ronald Schmidt
Ronald Paprocili
Ronald Pierre
Ronald Janega
Ronald Behrens
Rosanna Defrenza
Rose Tader
Roseanne Niese
Ruben Marin
Ruben Soler
Russell Milschewski
Russell Bouton
Russell Talbot
Ryan Murphy
Ryan Monahan
Ryan Smith
Sabrina Peschke
Saji Varghese
Salvador Aguilar
Samuel Song
Sara Arrivo
Schneider Electric North America Foundation
Scott Mason
Scott Kulat
Scott Stood
Scott Schlismann
Scott Begin
Scott Thielman
Sean Ryan
Sean Cimino
Sean Bowman
Sean Mykleby
Sean Russell
Sean Scannell
Sergio Villarreal
Shane Turner
Shane Walma
Shanin Karsky
Shannon Hancock
Shannon Blazina
Shanthi Thomas
Sharon Little
Sharon Orr
Shawn Casey
Shelly Bottalla
Sheri Maher
The Sherwin-Williams Foundation
Shinji Umeki
Silvia Martin
Stacey Logal
Stacy Murphy
Stanislaw Leczycki
Stanley Bell
Stanley Harnik
Stephanie Kusibab
Stephanie Wagner
Stephen Combs
Stephen Bertok
Stephen Conway
Stephen Ramseyer
Steve Fardy
Steve Vojack
Steve Coe
Steve Battig
Steve Tomaszewski
Steve Bradley
Steve Niese
Steven Johnson
Steven Minter
Steven Marchese
Steven Nagy
Steven Wyszynski
Steven Beranek
Steven Campbell
Steven Crumbaugh
Steven Ignots
Steven Michaels
Steven Weinstock
Steven Ewert
Steven Lim
Steven Cox
Stuart Anderson
Susan Heine
Susan Lesley
Susan Rickey
Susan Brickman
Susan Hoffmann
Susan Scharnhorst
Susan McCoppin
Susan Kirchner
Susan Polos
Susan Champagne
Tagler Angelo
Tamara McHugh
Tamara Poulos
Tao Wefel
Tawny Bloomer
Terese Audino
Theodore Lietz
Theresa Kulat
Theresa Weakland
Thomas Boin
Thomas Wardynski
Thomas Bezouska
Thomas Courtney
Thomas Frencl
Thomas Klimczak
Thomas Kraus
Thomas Mohr
Thomas Nolan
Thomas Peterson
Thomas Zielinski
Thomas Levin
Thomas Jackson
Thomas Philbin
Thomas Schwingbeck
Thomas Verachtert
Thomas Weiss
Thomas Czubak
Thomas Mezza
Thomas Sorgani
Thong Lam
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Foundation
Tim Schumacher
Timothy McEvilly
Timothy Ozga
Timothy Christiansen
Timothy Vanek
Timothy Nelson
Timothy Nemmer
Timothy Bernard
Timothy Stepp
Timothy Wziontka
Tina Zekich
Todd Frech
Todd Morgan
Todd Flaming
Todd Doerpinghaus
Todd Koclanis
Tom Yuen
Tom Sears
Toni Kwiatkowski
Tracey Anderson-Freeman
Tracey Barrett
Tracy Leddy
Tracy Swinford
Tracy Gajdos
Tri-State Industries Inc
Ulysses Koutropoulos
Upadhye Shashank
Urban Legend Brewing Company
Valerie Castaneda
Valerie Foster
Venkat Shrikanth
Veronica Marquez
Veronica Viramontes
Vicki Strauss
Victor Paulus
Victoria Stencel
Village Auto Repair Inc
Village of River Forest
Vishal Kashyap
Wanda Comein
Wei Yan
Wells Fargo
Wesley Sienkiewicz
White Castle Purchasing Co
Whiting Knights of Columbus
Wilfredo Cruz
William Murray
William Zelenka
William Marino
William Conner
William Cotts
William Dawes
William Kopper
William Lacey
William Layden
William Derrah
William Maloney
William Stenzel
William Murdoch
William Doukas
William Butterfield
William Boiquaye
William Brazzale
William Fischer
William Brinston
William Kim
William Kviz
William Sears
William Sneed
William McDaniel
William Burkhalter
William Heine
William Schroeder
William Shoults
William Thompson
Wortley Garrett
Yash Parulekar

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