Merit Badge Sponsorship

Becoming a sponsor makes sense and provides benefits.

The Merit Badge Sponsorship Program offers marketing benefits and visibility opportunities to you or your company, while supporting programs to make a difference in the lives of 23,000 youth and 9,000 adult volunteers served annually.

The Boy Scouts of America offers over 135 Merit Badges that allow boys to explore a variety of subjects from Astronomy to Woodworking. By sponsoring the merit badge of your choice you will help the young people of our community to be prepared to make the ethical and moral choices written in the Scout Oath and Law. Learn more about each and pick one now at

It’s more than a patch!

The Merit Badge Sponsorship Program provides structured, safe activities that allow youth to grow explore vocations, build new skills and develop lifelong hobbies. There is no better time than now to help guide youth in positive directions.

With your support, the Pathway to Adventure Council will ensure that youth will register with the Boy Scouts of America, have the opportunities to attend summer camp, own their own books and uniforms, and enjoy the same activities as youth involved in mature, self-funded units. Your funding will also help us to create more Scout units, and to develop the units into self-sustaining, Successful programs.

Thank you!

By participating in the Merit Badge Sponsorship Program your company is choosing to make a great investment in the lives of the young people in our communities. We look forward to working with you to provide quality programs for our future generation.

Download our Merit Badge Sponsorship Commitment Form and send the completed version to

For more information, please contact Daniel Busby at 312.421.8800 x204 or