2017 PTAC Cub Scout Camping Prize Game


Attention Cub Scouts and Parents:

Thank you for joining our 2017 Cub Scout Camp Prize Game in the Pathway to Adventure Council! The game is simple, here are the steps:

1. Get your special “2017 Cub Scout Camp Decoder Glasses” at your pack meeting from our promotion team. Check with your leaders on when your pack is having its Cub Scout Camp Promotion Night, and make sure not to miss it! If your pack has not yet signed up for a promotion your leader can sign up your pack for a promotion night here.

2. Go to the following webpages and use your decoder glasses to reveal the secret word on each page and write them all down. While you’re visiting each page learn about each Cub Camp in PTAC!

3. Once you have all 6 mystery words unscramble the secret phrase and enter to win one of our grand prizes by filling out the entry form by clicking here. Prizes include great camping gear like sleeping bags, tents and backpacks!

4. Follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/PTACOutdoorAdventure/ and we will announce our grand prize winners May 1st.

5. EVERY CUB SCOUT WINS! Keep your 2017 Cub Scout Camp Decoder Glasses and BRING THEM WITH YOU THIS SUMMER TO ANY PTAC CUB SCOUT SUMMER CAMP, and use them to decode the secret word at camp and you will instantly win a prize, a custom Cub Camp Mug and a treat!